C2B Consumer-to-Business Platform

Digital from the start

Your direct digital connection to your customers.
The all-day digital assistant for more than 20,000 consumers already.

C2B platform

offer their customers a comprehensive communication platform.
Secure. Efficient.



digitize, store and sort important documents - receipts, contracts, invoices.
Complementary. Convenient.


C2B Platform: Digital from the Start

One smart Service to communicate 
with all companies.

Linked consumer and companies

More than 2000+ profiles of companies including contact details, service options, search and bookmark functionalities.

C2B Platform: Linked Companies and Consumers

Secure exchange

In the personal data vault all relevant documents are automatically and intelligently categorized for signing, sending, and receiving. Situation based and without media breaks.

Save Data Exchange
Increased understanding

Increased understanding

Content and context of the communication are always transparent and accessible to the right service agent at the right time. Without searching or typing.

Transparency & Contiguity

Customer expectations are matched using automated status notifications and real-time dialogue via messaging, call (audio & video) and email.

Transparency & closeness
C2B Platform: Linked Companies and Consumers

What you achieve

Improve customer satisfaction
and loyalty

Reduce the cost of service and communication

Digitize and optimize your business processes

Direct customer contact via C2B platform

Direct connection.

Facilitate conversations that match the context of the inquiry: call, chat, self-service, email & video
Securely exchange documents with customers
Safe, digital communication.

Secure digital communication.

The highest data security standards provide secure and encrypted communication.
Scalable and highly available.
Service without media breaks

Service without media breaks.

Identify the customaer and his inquiry before the service contact gets started.
Manage all processes and customers touchpoints in a single omnichannel client.

You can win the DIGITALIZATION challenge.

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You won't need any investment in infrastructure

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Soon you will see which companies already support the C2B Platform.

C2B Platform: Digital from the Start

With 200 installations in 24 countries, ITyX International has become the specialist for omnichannel management and connected service processes. The software solutions are based on artificial intelligence and automate customer service as well as business processes.

The C2B Platform.

A Joint Venture of ITyX and fileee.

2011 the fileee team started to revolutionize the management of daily paperwork. The fileee app is an intelligent, personal assistant, already used by more than 20,000 users. They have access to more than 2000 company profiles.

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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